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Let our family look after your family


              enjoying lunch We take great care in providing a nutritious, balanced diet, while also encouraging our children to eat a healthy variety of foods. All children have mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Fresh fruit is served daily.

Meal times should be happy times and so from an early age we encourage independent feeding and good table manners.

Our lunches are provided by Moon and Spoon, a local childrens catering specialist.

Moon and Spoon

All our food has no colourings, preservatives or flavourings.
We operate a 3 week menu rotation.
There is full traceability from the producer to our nursery.
Menus are approved by a dietician, ensuring they meet current government guidelines.
Specific dietary requirements (e.g. lactose free, vegetarian) are happily catered for.

Sample Lunch Menu

Monday: Snakes in a Bake (spaghetti bolognaise with our mothers sauce)
 Sponge & Custard.

Tuesday: Silly Sausage Surprise (mini pork sausages in a tomato & bean sauce with creamy mash)
Fresh Fruit.

Wednesday: Funny Fussilli (funny fussilli smothered in our mothers sauce with 6 vegetables served with garlic toasts)
Fluffy Mousse.

Thursday: Cool Chicken Curry (chicken and vegetables in a mild curry sauce served with fluffy rice)
Jelly Whip.

Friday: Spot the Croc (braised pork leg in a sweet apricot sauce with broccoli florets and mash)


Food Hygiene Rating

We have a 5 star rating food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency

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