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Let our family look after your family

At The Mulberry Bush, we care for our children in a safe, warm and loving environment, allowing them to grow and learn as individuals, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. The nursery is fully equipped with learning equipment such as toys and materials for writing and drawing. In addition, we regularly have sand and water play. It's important for children to have the opportunity to participate in group activities such as music, singing and craftwork. When the weather permits, we like to take our children outside to enjoy supervised play in one of our 3 play areas.

Our children are cared for in different areas of the nursery based on age. Why not get in Contact and arrange to come and see for yourself?


Pink Room - 0 to 1 year

The Pink Room is an indoor environment that's like a second home. It provides a place for activities, resting, eating and sleeping.

A sensory approach is used for play. We encourage children to touch, feel and investigate using treasure baskets and heuristic play.

We have a seperate sleep room for naps. In all rooms for under 2's we have a maximum of 6 children.


Yellow Room - 1 to 1½ years

In the Yellow Room we focus on the creative approach that helps make the children more independent and develops their social skills.

The children enjoy sand and water play, along with finger painting. In all rooms for under 2's we have a maximum of 6 children.


Red Room - 1½ to 2 years

red room

In the Red Room, children like to explore. They enjoy scribbling with crayons, sponge painting, puzzles, play dough, tunnels, tents and sensory balls. These activities help to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Speech is beginning to develop at this age so development is encouraged with group activities such as singing nursery rhymes, action songs, reading books and play with flashcards. In all rooms for under 2's we have a maximum of 6 children.


Green Room - 2 to 3 years

green room

At this age, the children in the Green Room are beginning to express themselves and make their own choices. A variety of activities are provided, such as themed sand play, cars and trucks, dancing, and dressing up. These help the children develop friendships. Language development is encouraged with stories, flash cards and soundtrack games.

Toilet training is an important milestone at this age group. Once your child is ready, we encourage and praise them every step of the way.


Blue Room - 3 to 5 years

In the Blue Room, the children are independent. They can choose and make decisions on what activities they would like to enjoy throughout the day. We provide a range of acitvities, including, making play dough, baking, junk art, leaf printing, making puppets, themed water play, musical chairs, role play and circle time.

The range of activities provided ensures all developmental needs are met.

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